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Chiropractic Heals

Everyone else is searching for what’s wrong with you; we focus on what’s perfectly brilliant. Trust in the knowledge that your body was intelligently designed to heal, grow and function beautifully. We work with your innate perfection by locating and correcting vertebral subluxations; restoring balance within your nervous system, allowing your body and brain to communicate with ease.


Forward head posture, caving spine and bent shoulders can all lead to a system that is inefficient and must work...


Everyone is unique, and results mean different things to different people. We create a program of care for you that...


When the spine moves properly the brain has the opportunity to dial down the stress response. This creates a system...


Modern day stresses inundate many of our lives on a regular basis. This constant battle can affect our reproductive, immune,...

London Chiropractor for Sports

Do you play a sport that takes you into the flexed forward position? This will stress the underlying structure. Chiropractic care can dial down the stress and bring ease to the muscles and skeleton. Let us be your London chiropractor for sports.

Chiropractic Treatment - For Athletes

* Hear from NHL's Bo Horvat

London Chiropractor Dr. Laura Gravelle

Complete Chiropractic Solutions in One Place

In our office we honour and support the healing capacity of the body. We also believe a body full of life is a connected system and one that expresses life fully.

What if you knew your body was brilliant, not broken? As a chiropractor we do not just fix people. We also facilitate a process of ease in the body so you can once again function at full capacity. We trust in the knowledge that your body was intelligently designed to heal and grow beautifully. In addition, as Doctors of Chiropractic, we have the ability to assess the strength and state of the nerve system. Our goal is to support the body, as well as restore balance to the nerve system, allowing the brain and body to communicate with ease.

Our goal is to allow you to shine brighter than you thought possible and reach your full potential.

Laura Baxter (Gravelle), Doctor of Chiropractic

New Patients Welcome

Dr. Laura practices in a family focused healing space, dedicated to changing and bettering lives through chiropractic. We love, support and inspire families toward their optimal expression of life by removing interference to the nervous system and allowing innate perfection to shine. Our goal for every client: a lifetime of health and vitality, with a clear and connected nervous system. Let us be your London chiropractor.

Your First Visit

Prior to your visit you will be asked to complete the online health questionnaire. In addition, please allow 30 - 45 minutes for this visit in the office. During the Initial Chiropractic Consultation and Health History, you will speak to the doctor so together, we can better understand your case history, life history, areas of stress, posture and movement. Afterwards, we conduct an Examination of Spine.


A complete neurological examination of the spine.
Two high-tech computerized neurological tests.
Comprehensive stress testing of the nerve system.
First adjustment.
We send out for X-ray, if needed.

Follow-Up Visit

Once the doctor has had a chance to sit down and study your test results, she will have you back for your “Report of Findings Results Visit”.

During this visit you will also receive a detailed description of your current health situation, how you scored on the stress tests, and what this indicates about your current state of function.

We will present the best plan of management and how to reach your goals with a success plan. Finally, we answer all of your questions before starting your chiropractic adjustment schedule, these include how long it will take, how much it will cost, how we will mark change along the journey.

    Best Practices

    Clinic with Innovative Approach to Treatment

    As your London chiropractor, Dr. Laura utilizes state of the art technology as well as testing to evaluate the underlying nerve system. We also capture a base line of function and compare to future progress.

    Highest Quality Care
    • Active care : We create a plan of care tailored to you with frequent visits to create momentum and change in the brain and neurology.

    • Every 12 visits we are conducting a progress evaluation which are quantitatively assessing changes in the nerve system.

    • We then set a new plan or continue along the pre-discussed plan.

    • We also celebrate successes with you as the nervous system changes and the brain comes back on line.

    • Vitality care in our office is long term care in addition to the goals of continual improvement and betterment of the brain and nerve pathways. A stronger climber in the load of life and maintaining the level of function achieved for optimal expression in life.

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    What Our Patients Say

    We want each and every one of our patients to know how important their health and treatment is to us. It is an honour to have their trust in our office.

    Hear from Bo Horvat

    of the Vancouver Canucks

    Experienced London Chiropractor

    Dr. Laura Baxter (Gravelle) is a London chiropractor who has been serving her community for over 17 years and is an expert in her field.

    Dr. Laura Baxter
    Doctor of Chiropractic
    Tiffany Clarke
    Chiropractic Assistant

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