Corporate Wellness Workshops

Corporate Wellness Workshops

By supporting the ongoing health journey of your staff, you can differentiate yourself from other employers. More importantly, you can reduce employee turnover, improve morale and increase overall productivity within your organization. At Gravelle Family Chiropractic, we offer a variety of workshops on stress management, ergonomic living as well as best health practices and lifestyle choices.
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Chiropractic Workshops

Creating Healthier, Happier Employees

Prolonged sitting or standing on the job can contribute to ongoing health problems ranging from physical injury to sickness -- problems you end up paying for through worker’s compensation, sick-days and lost productivity.

Start improving the health of your employees and your business with our wellness workshops. Dr. Laura Gravelle can create a wellness program to meet the needs of your organization or present an informative workshop on various health-based topics.

Take advantage of preventative health care, and help your employees live their best life.

Why Choose Dr. Laura?

Experience the Benefits

Tasks are easier to accomplish in a team – which is why achieving health and wellness goals are more attainable in a group setting.

An experienced motivational speaker, Dr. Laura offers corporate wellness workshops on stress reduction, proper ergonomics, best health practices and lifestyle choices. You can schedule a one-hour lunch-and-learn workshop or a half-day workshop that includes on-site stress tests.

Dr. Laura can also create an entire wellness program to accommodate your staff.

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Workshops We Offer

Stress Management Workshop

Stress is the silent killer that has grown to become a society-wide epidemic, resulting in various health-related issues. Join us as we host our Stress Management Workshop to unlock strategies to understanding and managing stress and tension.

Healthy Sitting Workshop

Did you now we spend an average of 8 hours a day sitting in front of screens? Join us as we host our Healthy Sitting workshop to unlock strategies to be fit while you sit and kick the sitting disease!

Fitness Improvement Workshop

It is a well known fact that exercise improves brain function. Join us as we host our Fitness Health Workshop to unlock the discipline of desire, drive and outcome; providing you with the opportunity to be your best and reach your full potential.

Energy Enhancement Workshop

Boost, refresh and energize yourself! Join us as we host our Energy Enhancement Workshop to boost your immune and energy systems in as little as 30 days. Get more energy, more power and more purpose.

Brain Improvement Workshop

Your brain's productivity is a product of your daily habits. Getting a good night's rest helps our brains consolidate newly learned information from the day. Join us as we host our Brain Improvement Workshop to unlock strategies to boost your brain health. Maximize vitality and boost your brain health today!

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Dr. Laura is a active Community Member

Serving Local Businesses

  • Bud Gardens “Health and Wellness Expo”

  • BuyBuyBaby

  • CMHA Middlesex

  • Costco South London

  • Farm Boy London – Wellington & Masonville

  • Loblaw / Real Canadian Superstore

  • London and St. Thomas Association of Realtors

  • MNP Accounting

  • MommyConnections

  • RBC Bank

  • Royal Lepage Triland Realty

  • Scotia Bank

  • Siskinds Law Firm

  • Sly Fox




  • Walking with Women – Networking Group

  • YMCA Bostwick

  • Zomaron

New Patients Welcome at Gravelle Chiropractic

We are a family focused healing space changing lives through chiropractic. We love, support and inspire families toward their optimal expression of life by removing interference to the nervous system and allowing innate perfection to shine. We have a clear goal for every client: a lifetime of health and vitality, with a clear and connected nervous system. Let us be your London chiropractor.

Your First Visit

Prior to your visit you will be asked to complete the online health questionnaire. In addition, please allow 30 - 45 minutes for this visit in the office. During the Initial Chiropractic Consultation and Health History, you will speak to the doctor so together, we can better understand your case history, life history, areas of stress, posture and movement. Examination of Spine will follow.


A complete neurological examination of the spine.
Two high-tech computerized neurological tests.
Comprehensive stress testing of the nerve system.
First adjustment.
We send out for X-ray, if needed.

Follow-Up Visit

Once the doctor has had a chance to sit down and study your test results, she will have you back for your “Report of Findings Results Visit”.

During this visit you will also receive a detailed description of your current health situation, how you scored on the stress tests, and what this indicates about your current state of function.

We will present the best plan of management and how to reach your goals with a success plan. Finally, we answer all of your questions before starting your chiropractic adjustment schedule, these include how long it will take, how much it will cost, how we will mark change along the journey.

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