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Best Practices

Clinic with Innovative Approach to Treatment

Dr. Laura utilizes state of the art technology and testing to evaluate the underlying nerve system. We capture a base line of function and compare to future progress.

Highest Quality Care
  • Active care : We create a plan of care tailored to you with frequent visits to create momentum and change in the brain and neurology.

  • Every 12 visits we are conducting a progress evaluation which are quantitatively assessing changes in the nerve system.

  • We then set a new plan or continue along the pre-discussed plan.

  • We celebrate successes with you as the nervous system changes and the brain comes back on line.

  • Vitality care in our office is long term care with the goals of continual improvement and betterment of the brain and nerve pathways. A stronger climber in the load of life and maintaining the level of function achieved for optimal expression in life.

London Chiropractor Dr. Laura Gravelle

Experienced Chiropractor

Dr. Laura Gravelle has been serving the London Community for over 17 years and is an expert in her field.

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