Resolution Restoration

New Year Restoration: Keys to the New You

Typically when we celebrate the New Year, we’re excited for the new beginning and typically most of us make at least one resolution. It could be weight loss, bucket list items, find love, exercise more, eat less, work more/less, typically these resolutions fail, and with a few week or months we are back to our old habits. 

Resolution for care for the New You

This year, let’s all make the resolution to promote restoration to our current lives, implementing small and manageable changes that impact your overall health and well-being.

Tending and maintaining our nervous system is how I can help you, here are some tips that can assist in living up to our true and best selves. When you think of restoration, you think of restoring or bringing back to life.










All of those paint a wonderful picture as to what goes on in your body every minute of every day.  Your body is a house under constant construction from the top of your head to the tip of your nose… 24-7-365.

Always renovating and repairing itself. We cannot see the constant buzz of healing and reorganization. We cannot see the enzymes, hormones, cells, antibodies that are in constant motion. These chemicals (and that is what your body is, a beaker full of simultaneous chemical reactions)… cleaning up dead and debris cells.

They are always cleaning up and laying down new cells. Out with the old and in with the new. This continuous action is under direct control of the nerve system.

As a chiropractor we are in the restoration business.

The nerve system is the master system. The master FOREMAN on the job, director of all healing at all times. It never sleeps. Healing in your body is directly related to how well your nerve system is able to communicate and direct the component parts to do their job.

Connection = Power = Restoration When there is interference in your nerve system; the messages of healing are diminished and reduced. We still heal and function… but not at the highest level.  

Tips to Restoration of the New You – Part 1:

For us to express life, healing and restoration at the highest level we have to be connected to the power within. This power is accessible to us all! It is within each of us! We are amazing beings with huge potential.  Here are keys to the new you: to full and complete daily restoration:

  1. Sleep – Wonderful sleep is a full restorer. “Early to bed, early to rise” is a proverb that has a lot of merit. A tip is to set your timer to go to bed 30 minutes earlier than you normally do. In the bed room have no technology or TV. This will allow a blissful and restorative rest. A good night’s sleep is very important for a healthy body and mind.
  2. Journaling – Find a beautiful book to put your daily thoughts in. Journaling allows us to connect to our inner self. Promoting self-awareness, gratitude, creativity and goal setting, organizing your day/week/month. Journaling restores our thoughts to those of healing, growth, repair and action.
  3. Meditation – Meditation does not have to be done cross legged on the floor, it could be done lying down in Shavasana (yoga corpse pose) whichever way that is most comfortable for you, though you don’t want to fall asleep! Meditation is suggested to be done at the same time every day. 10 minutes in the morning of blissful reconnection. What a great way to start your morning routine! Quiet your mind, focus on your breath. No Technology. Bring awareness to your thoughts that come in, acknowledge the thought, and allow them to pass by, focus on your breath. Meditation is proven to have many positive impacts on our health, emotions, healing, immune system, stress reduction. It is also a great example for the loved ones around you, to see what great time and care you put into yourself so you can be good to those around you.
  4. Daily exercise – Restoration of our body comes to us through movement. Did you know that not moving a joint for 24 hours cause break down of the muscles, and 48 hours bone degeneration starts to develop. This is why movement to sore joints and bones is vital for life! Movement of any kind; It can be anything from yoga, to high intensity workouts, Whatever feels good to you to keep that body moving that circulates positive chemicals and reduce inflammation? All you need is Thirty minutes per day for a great start. This can be walking to and from work, taking the stairs not the elevator, a walk with the kids, throwing the ball around at the park! Being mindful of daily activity of any sort and make attainable goals in order to be active for life! There is no limit as to how you can get the body moving.
  5. Be Mindful of Your Thoughts – As we restore every day we are affected and often driven by our minds and feelings. When we keep our minds and thoughts positive, we continually feed the body healthy patterns. Imagine what happens to our bodies when we focus on the negative. The body receives vibration from our thoughts. When you think positive your body restores with new healthier cells. When we find ourselves in negative mindset or thoughts it is important to acknowledge to thought and choose not to own or continue that thought process in order to protect your mind of the damage of negativity. Keeping a log of our thoughts and feelings is a good idea.


You never know where you may have the opportunity to share the message of healing, and health and chiropractic.  I take each and every one of these opportunities as they present themselves. 


Happy journey towards health – Dr. Laura