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    Video Training Series

Instructional Training

Welcome to Dr. Laura's instructional video series!!

You will discover what a Chiropractor does, as well as helpful exercises for pain relief, stress management and to help develop healthy habits to nurture your body daily.

What does a Chiropractor Do?

Dr. Laura Gravelle Chiropractor London ON

Dr. Laura explains in this 4 part series.

This series is for you if you have always wondered what a Chiropractor does. How do we do our testing? What does it test and look for? Is chiropractic for you?

What does a Chiropractor Do?

Part 1: Vitality Testing

What does a Chiropractor Do?

Part 2: Breath Work

What does a Chiropractor Do?

Part 3: Balance & Resilience

What does a Chiropractor Do?

Part 4: Stress Test

Exercises for Pain Relief and Vital Health Practices

These videos are designed to offer tips and strategies to help throughout the day as we navigate new challenges daily with our bodies.

Morning Stretch Routine

A helpful daily routine for Spinal Stiffness.

Breathwork for Calmness

Meaningful breathwork exercise for calmness

Scoliosis Treatment

We cannot fix scoliosis, yet we can understand it and assist in comfort. Here is an explanation of what scoliosis IS and how a Chiropractor can be involved in successful case management.

I Need Chiropractic Help

Are you wondering HOW can a Chiropractor help me? Watch this enthusiastic patient's interaction and successes in our office. Relieve Headaches, improve sleep and support and increase movement in the body.

Chest Stress Opener

Do you sit at your desk all day? Are you feeling that your ribs and chest and shoulders are NOT moving? Do you feel short of breath. This simple and easy opening of the chest can help.

Activator Methods

There are many types of chiropractic care. Delivered in a fashion that stimulates the nerve system. The preferred method of Dr Laura is the activator. No popping and cracking. Gentle. Effective.

Balance Treatment

Balance is an outcome of a spine that moves or doesn’t move. When a spine (the joints) move they feed the brain information. This information keeps us upright in gravity. A chiropractor can assess how well your spine is moving with easy tests.

Hip Stretch & Balance

Lengthening and elongating to stretch your hips and improving your balance. The figure-4 while standing will elongate and open the hip, and begin to sit in position to increase balance and control. Do this every day and increase mobility.

Band Work - Shoulders

When we sit and stress our structure our shoulders have a tendency to cave forward. These exercises with a band can alleviate the discomfort and promote motion. Take time and restore comfort.

Band Work - Lateral Walk

Stretch and strengthen the gluts. This is paramount for a system to move through space efficiently and hold us upright. This lateral band walk will activate the gluts and support the posterior chain.

Hip and Figure 4 Stretch

Do you have tension and tightness in the hips? This is most likely due to lack of motion and a forward flexed posture. When the body is in protection all the muscles demonstrate a tightness and contracted quality. Here are stretches you can do to help yourself at home.

Foot Pain

Do you suffer from pain in the feet? Does the first step in the morning ache you? Do you have fallen arches? Do your feet flare out? These can all be a sign of improper alignment and movement of the underlying bones. Those aching feet. These stretches can help.

Text Neck

Do you sit all day and your head lurches forward? If so your shoulders will roll in and your neck will get very stiff. It then becomes a pattern and your head feels like it weighs 100 pounds! Watch this video and find out why and what can be done about it; there is hope!

Posture Assessment

One of the tools we use is posture. It is the window inside. We look to see alignment from top to bottom, and from side to side. Improper alignment leads to improper motion. Your posture is the key window inside to if the body is holding onto stress. What does your body tell us?

Dowagers Hump

Dowagers Hump- Do you have a hump on the back of your neck? Does it bother your posture and how you feel you look in pictures? This video is for you. What exactly is happening and how to correct it. Dr. Laura Gravelle Chiropractor London ON

Neck Pain and Range of Motion

This video is for you if you suffer from neck pain and you cannot turn your head. The neck needs to go through a full range of motion, watch and learn simple stretches to encourage full range of motion. Dr. Laura Gravelle Chiropractor London ON.

Rib, Head and Chest stretch

This video is for you if you sit at the desk all day. If you feet your chest is tight and can’t breath and your rib cage does not expand fully. This video offers stretches you can do at home. Dr. Laura Gravelle chiropractor.

IT Band

Runners: pay attention. This is a must watch to stretch the side muscle that goes down the side of your leg. Do you have hip, knee , ankle or back pain. This can be the culprit.

Water Intake

As you sit at your desk what are some indications that you need more hydration? Some simple tips from Dr. Laura. Water is a great fuel all the time .


What is the psoas? It has connections to many inside functions and our low back. These are some stretches as shown my Dr. Laura Gravelle to stretch this primary hip flexor.

Golfing Stretch

Warming up is key for the course. Dr. Laura Gravelle demonstrates easy rotation and mobilization exercises to warm up before the course to prevent injury.

Hip Mobility

Do you have hip pain? Do you have lack of mobility in the hips? Do you sit all day. These simple and easy hip mobilization exercise can be added into your routine.Your local Chiropractor Dr. Laura Gravelle.

Lower Back Strengthening

Balance and glut activation is shown by Dr. Laura local Chiropractor (London ON). Tips on how to do this well and what to avoid.

Extensor Training with Arm Raise

Dr. Laura, Chiropractor from London Ontario gives insight into why the extensors ( they hold us upright ) are key to get activated. Here is a simple exercise to do daily . Arms up and head up!

Extensor Training

In this video Dr. Laura Gravelle Chiropractor from London Ontario, explains what the extensors are and their importance in posture and link to the brain.

Wrist Pain

Dr. Laura, Chiropractor, explains tips and strategies for wrist pain. Do you sit at the desk all day? These stretches are a must!

Headache Relief

Are you a headache sufferer?
Here are some tips helpful tips on how to help manage and relieve headache pain and keep them under control from local London Chiropractor Dr. Laura Gravelle.

Glut Activation

Do you have low back pain? Do you have hip pain? It is important to strengthen and activate our gluts as we sit all day. These are simple, easy and a MUST to get the gluts activated first thing in the morning.