Why It’s Important to

Enhance Movement

Daily physical movement and activity is vital to healthy living, as we are all born to move. When our body moves our heart beats faster, increasing blood flow, carrying nutrients to working cells throughout the body. In just a few minutes, physical activity begins working to boost your metabolism.

Yoga and meditation practices have recently grown in popularity as people experience the benefits of exercising their body/mind connection. Movement does more than just help heal your body, it can also provide hope, joy, combat anxiety, and decrease depression. Recent research has shown that physical activity such as yoga not only decreases depression, but increases self-esteem.

The human body functions best when it is active. However, it is important to be mindful of and listen to our bodies. Ensure you do not put unnecessary pressure on your spine while practicing stretches and twists.

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London Chiropractor for Enhancing Movement

The Impact of Movement on the Body

The way and manner in which the spine moves is essential and directly proportional to overall brain health. The spine needs to move to dial down the stress response in the brain. When spinal movement stops or is compromised, the brain is not receiving information and becomes altered in its pathways. Movement of the spine maps the brain to light up. To enhance movement is to ensure the brain makes proper decisions.

When the brain is out of stress it can actually perceive our environment for what it is and communicate the needs to the rest of our body. This allows us to monitor our inner and outer world more efficiently. Many times, movement of the spine stops in youth and takes its time and toll on the overall system.

At Gravelle Family Chiropractic, we can help. Our focus is on posture, movement, and stress. Start living your best life, schedule an adjustment and begin to enhance movement today.