Why It’s Important to

Improve Posture Today

Forward head posture, caving spine and bent shoulders can all lead to a system that is inefficient and must work harder. This happens at any age and stage. Chiropractic care can offer assistance & help improve posture. We examine ways posture may be compensated and why posture is related to movement and the brain.

At Gravelle Family Chiropractic, our care moves your system towards a more efficient way of operating. Every chiropractic adjustment provides the brain and nerve system with the inputs it needs to better adapt to its internal and external environment. This not only moves your body towards healing, restoration, but also eases the body. 

A spine that is upright is a brain that is alive and alert. We can help. Book your appointment today and start living your best life.

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London Chiropractor for Correcting or Improve Posture

The Impact of Posture on the Spine

Improving posture is crucial to keeping your brain alive and alert. Do you see yourself standing up tall, strong, fluid, and flexible? Are you also collapsing and hunched over? Overall, poor posture does not happen overnight.

As your posture weakens, your structure is less able to handle external forces. As a result, your body becomes less efficient, losing energy for internal processes. Posture is often an early indicator. Your head bends more forward, your shoulders cave in, and your upper back arches as your body becomes flexed in a forward position. Over time, poor posture can impact your breathing, sleeping and mood.

Movement, posture, and stress are all connected. Poor posture decreases spinal movement, resulting in our brain not properly perceiving information well or at all. Our awareness of this information and ability to adapt to it becomes limited. When we cannot adapt properly, we begin to cave forward, and bulkier muscles become dominant.

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