Stress Epidemic

The Stress Epidemic


There is more than one Epidemic in today’s society.

Stress: We Are In A Stress Epidemic.

Never before has our community, and society in general, experienced so much chronic disease and stress related illnesses. We all know what stress is and we wouldn’t argue that we are under a lot of it in the “ pressure cooker” world we live in. But, what most doesn’t know is how stress affects our bodies.   

The Stress Epidemic in Modern Society

Modern day stress has catapulted us into the early stages of the worst epidemic of all time: Stress overload. In reality, all forms of stress are “ brain stress” causing what keeps us in overdrive and fight or flight.  

Fight or flight in 30 minute bursts will and can save your life. But, the long term presence of this state (which is how most of us live our life continuously) turns off (to name a few) our reproductive system, immune system and digestive system.

Think of someone who is stressed out may follow this picture: someone who is always sick, run down, fatigued ,bags under eye, gaining weight, constipated. That is what the continual presence of cortisol and epinephrine do to your body. The better and faster you can get your body to deal with, and process, stress the less the fight or flight mechanism will work against you.   

Tips to deal with stress and recover from the stress epidemic:

  1. Remove yourself from the stressful event, experience or people.
  2. Breathe and meditate. 
  3. Regular Chiropractic adjustments- neurological and physiologically bring the body back to ease and remove the stress overload.


More than 2 billion people worldwide are now suffering from stress based health challenges such as: IBS, colitis, fibromyalgia, migraines, depression, anxiety and more.  

The good news:

Chiropractic is more than a treatment for sore neck, it is a true health care system. To optimize and maintain your brain-body connection and put your brain in its “happy place” choose Chiropractic. 

Happy journey towards health – Dr. Laura