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The Healing Process

The Healing Process

With so many things available in an instant, we have developed unrealistic expectations when it comes to healing times. It can take up to 2 years for full and complete healing to take place, even if symptoms improve within a few weeks. The healing process is complex and simultaneously simple. Ultimately though, it is a process that requires time.
Healing Archetypes
Healing Archetypes

Which Apple are You?

Have you ever thought about your healing process and how long it may take?
Archetype 1
Strong and Resilient Inside and Out
Archetype 2
Stressed on the Outside but strong on the Inside.
Archetype 3
Strong on the Outside but stressed on the Inside.
Archetype 4
Stressed on the Outside and Inside has low resilience.

The Hierarchy of Vitality

The hierarchy of vitality is a great visual that shows you what to expect as you progress through your chiropractic care. In order to progress to the top, you must first have solid foundations in the lower rungs of the ladder. A house built on shaky foundations will look perfectly fine - until it needs to withstand something unexpected.

Just as each adjustment visit builds upon the one before, each level of the hierarchy builds upon the levels below. We want to create strong foundations and build a healthy body that’s ready to withstand the stresses life throws at us.

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The 7 Stages of Healing

The hierarchy of vitality as a process looks different for each individual, but there are 7 well defined stages in the process.


When your spine begins to move more freely, you’ll start to notice changes in your mobility and whole-body movement. For some, this will be an increase in flexibility at yoga or when they stretch after a run/ Other people can suddenly check their blind spot or walk down the stairs properly.


Your body is always working to conserve energy, and it does this by putting familiar patterns on autopilot. As you move through the healing process, you’ll begin to interrupt these patterns. Ever tried crossing your legs the opposite way or kicking your caffeine habit? It’s hard to break through your autopilot, but it’ll happen if you give it long enough!


Living a subluxated state and continuously firing the fight or flight response is exhausting, BUT, if you are protecting yourself against the imaginary tiger, there’s no chance of going into a deep and restorative sleep. Once you start to dial down the fight or flight response, you will be able to get better sleep and therefore increase your energy reserves.


This is where your body begins to find harmony after having to adapt for a long time. It has worked hard to get used to working out of harmony and now it is beginning to integrate those new healthier patterns. It can be a bit of a struggle as different muscles begin to wake up and systems start to switch on again. For some, this can be an increase in awareness of dysfunction, which can show up as pain or a temporary reduction in function.

This is the most important level to understand because sometimes, it can feel like things have gotten worse!

I liken the integration stage to having a clear out - the kitchen may look alright from the outside but once you dive into the cupboards and pull out the jars past their best, it causes havoc. It is only for a short while though as everything will soon end up reorganized and the space in your kitchen becomes more efficient.


This is the amazing place where your body is successfully integrating your new patterns and creating a new normal! The clear communication between your brain and body alters efficiency to increase as you have memories, experiences and senses organized in your nervous system with a refined sense of order.


Once you are working efficiently within your body, and living in a state of ease, you become more perceptive to your loved ones’ needs. Relationships improve and you’ll find yourself more equipped to connect with the people around you during tough times without firing off stress response. You become a better partner, parent, friend, co-worker and even more beautiful human being.


The icing on the cake is a sense of life purpose. It takes a clear and connected person to really tune in to their life’s purpose and recognize that you were put on this planet to make your mark on the world. Be the best you can at whatever you choose to do with your life and set your soul on fire whilst doing it!

Correct Posture • Reset Stress • Ease Movement

Chiropractic Heals

Everyone else is searching for what’s wrong with you; we focus on what’s perfectly brilliant. Trust in the knowledge that your body was intelligently designed to heal, grow and function beautifully. We work with your innate perfection by locating and correcting vertebral subluxations; restoring balance within your nervous system, allowing your body and brain to communicate with ease.

New Patients Welcome at Gravelle Chiropractic

Our clinic is a family focused healing space changing lives through chiropractic. We love, support and inspire families toward their optimal expression of life by removing interference to the nervous system and allowing innate perfection to shine. We have a clear goal for every client: a lifetime of health and vitality, with a clear and connected nervous system. Let us be your London chiropractor.

Your First Visit

Prior to your visit you will be asked to complete the online health questionnaire. In addition, please allow 30 - 45 minutes for this visit in the office. During the Initial Chiropractic Consultation and Health History, you will speak to the doctor so together, we can better understand your case history, life history, areas of stress, posture and movement. Examination of Spine will follow.


A complete neurological examination of the spine.
Two high-tech computerized neurological tests.
Comprehensive stress testing of the nerve system.
First adjustment.
We send out for X-ray, if needed.

Follow-Up Visit

Once the doctor has had a chance to sit down and study your test results, she will have you back for your “Report of Findings Results Visit”.

During this visit you will also receive a detailed description of your current health situation, how you scored on the stress tests, and what this indicates about your current state of function.

We will present the best plan of management and how to reach your goals with a success plan. Finally, we answer all of your questions before starting your chiropractic adjustment schedule, these include how long it will take, how much it will cost, how we will mark change along the journey.

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